Brad’s Success Story: How To Lose Body Fat Without Dieting Or Cardio

There’s a process in learning how to reduce body fat without giving up your social life, neglecting your family or giving up your social life.

It can be tempting to set huge goals when you’re desperate for a change and not quite sure how to lose body fat the RIGHT way. Especially, when you’re tired of feeling like you’ve got no energy, your confidence isn’t anywhere close to where it used to be and you’re so dang ready to feel like yourself again.

Most people are taught that this whole fitness or weight loss thing is about discipline, getting the best diet and workouts that kick your butt and enduring the process like you’re in some sort of military bootcamp until you’ve either failed out or come out on the other side a bit leaner and with a new outlook.

The problem with this notion is that it usually leads to massive burnout or fatigue and that’s assuming the whole concept doesn’t dissuade you from even trying in the first place, because I know it sure would for me and the majority of my clients.

This all or nothing, go big or go home mentality leads to actions that are usually out of sequence, don’t yield the expected results and tire you out long before you see the sort of results that would reenforce your new behavior and help you to keep pushing.

In my coaching programs, I do things quite a bit differently and that’s precisely why clients like Brad have been able to not only get amazing results, but keep up with a lifestyle that’s manageable and brings so much more fulfillment and and purpose!

“Successful people are simply those with successful habits.” -Brian Tracy

Here’s Brad’s results after he lost so much body fat once we created more life balance, some subconscious programming and super flexible and sustainable habits.

Brad's Success Story: How To Lose Body Fat Without Dieting Or Cardio

Brad got started in my Master Your Body Confidence transformation coaching program which helped him to set realistic goals, learn the right ways to eat and workout in a high performance and busy lifestyle instead of the old ways that led to injury, subpar results or massive burnout.

Listen to his story¬†where he shares how he got to eat Reese’s, work out less and have more freedom to get into the best shape he’s been in since high school.


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