Jacque’s Success Story: How to get in shape without ever going back…

How she ate gummi bears every day to reach this amazing transformation…

Jacque had fallen prey to what many of us have fallen prey to at least a time or two. She reached a frustrating point where she felt she was doomed to lose and regain the same 5lbs over and over and despite attempting to “discipline” herself into better results, she kept battling the same rigidness battles that usually lead to crappy results, results that are super hard to sustain or a lifestyle that was just too hard to adhere to. In this video, you’ll hear her story and how she learned the best way to get in shape without neglecting her family, career or social life to do it!

How to get in shape the right way really comes down to where our focus is on. I teach my clients to focus on three things if they want to know how to not only get in shape, or lose weight, but especially if they (or you) want to keep it off forever, which I’m sure you probably do. I mean, who wants to work hard to get in shape only for it to come right back worse than before? No way!

Check out her story and watch how a few tweaks and habits adjustments with way more freedom and flexibility actually led to even better results and progress than when she was working twice as hard and sacrificing her social life to do it.

In case your wondering what her results were, here’s what she was able to accomplish while being a full time mom of 4 and working full time from her home office. It’s pretty amazing!






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Through coaching with the flexible and consistency methods I developed, clients like Jacque have overcome yoyo weight loss for good and are able to fit in treats that would’ve made them feel guilty before while doing it! This is something that is totally sustainable longterm! Great results, no binge eating, no guilt.

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